Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At one point I was shopping absolutely obsessively from KFS; ( ) Where all the sites are authentic Korean labels, and truly Korean season and style. I went a bit overboard hence earning myself a VIP customer title.

These pieces are absolute couture treasures, but totally unworn since I have zero places to wear it to in this very different city.

These items are from Stylenanda and Limview, runway couture pieces that comes in superb quality, extremely limited pieces, with the finest authencity. These pieces are new and if bought on site, are no less than RM200 excluding shipping and a 2 weeks wait for it to arrive from Korea's Fashion Central.

Good Deal Offered by KFS; Customer

This is a special post requested by one of my VIP customer - Ms. Jillian
Ms Jillian had purchased quite a lot of items from different Korea Fashion stores through KFS shopping service.  Currently she wishes to let go 3 of her items (impulsive purchase).   There are:

 Brand NEW dress, never worn out (Click here for more pictures)
Reason to let go:  "too pretty to wear anywhere and i've been lacking occasions recently"
Let-go Price: RM 206.70

2) Lace Pleated Skirt by Stylenanda (item sold out and removed from Stylenanda website)

 BRAND NEW dress, never worn out
Color: Mint Green  Size: Waist - 52cm (stretchable), Hip - 82cm, total length: 58.5cm

Reason to let go:  "this is a lovely piece however I don't have any matching top currenty"
Let-go Price: RM 81

 3) Short Blazer by Stylenanda

 BRAND NEW JACKET, never worn out
Color: Light Purple   Size: M Size (Shoulder length: 43cm, Bust: 90cm, Sleeve length: 57cm, total length: 46.5cm)
Reason to let go:  " Is a lovely piece too but personally I do not really fancy this color :/ "
Let-go Price: RM 151
***p/s: Note the leggings on the model? Dig em? That color is cream/pink. I have the exact item in taupe grey ( brand new) and is a sheer legging material so it's not harsh grey, in fact it comes out looking exactly like the model's legs, just with a silvery finish instead of that peachy finish. [ RM85 on site, RM55 FROM ME ]

Please do note that Ms Jillian is selling the items to you at the apparel price only, you do not need to pay for the international shipping fee and agent fee due to she had already paid for it and the items is in her hand now :)

If you are interested to purchase any of the items above, please contact Ms Jillian directly 
Please e-mail to

( or call/sms 016-8933709 )

* Please do note that KFS is a mediator only, any price negotiation and further inquiry please contact Ms. Jillian directly. Thank you :)

from Korean Fashion Station.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

As per season, we all have that chaotic closet clean-out, most times to find the strangest things you don't remember buying, or a brand new dress waiting still for a worthy occasion, or things not worn out but worn off us and it tears me apart to have to give it away or stash it someplace never to receive compliments again :C

Hence this blog, where I decided I should be trading off dresses ( new / mint condition ) for their worth to make another girl happy!



★ All items come with FREE pair of false lashes
★ Prices are RM5 lower than normal price
★ Opening sales will last for a week





Petal Dress

Size: Free Size
True Color: Pale cream/peach/beige
Details: Petal shaped skirt, includes a waist sash, slightly see-through, plaid for a lovely fit.
Delightfully elegant yet gracefully simple.

(Bought: RM75 )
Selling: RM45

Miss Orient
a dress from Kiss &



Size: Free Size
True Color: Scarlet Red, Black lace.
Details: Figure defining cheongsam, lush scarlet satin with a sweetheart bustline,
unique rose lace overlay, hidden back zipper for the best fit.

Who's to say we can only rock a party in a cheongsam once a year?
A demure dress for any dinner, event, reception.
( Bought: RM65 )
Selling: RM45

Meet The Parents
imported from the US



Size: Fits S-M / knee length
True Color: Pure White
Details: Breathtakingly shape defining, hidden back zipper for better fit, a statement
shoulder piece, high quality satin material and hidden seams.

This is probably my biggest closet giveaway, because it's so difficult to find this design, unfortunately I totally lack any occasion at all to wear it to, and it seems to be dying to get out there! Exclusively elegant and strikingly statement making.
( Bought: RM89 )
Selling: RM60

Pink & Black
because every girl needs one


Size: Free Size ( firm fitting, best fits S-M )
True Color: Hot pink, black stripes.
Details: A long thick cotton tube, slightly gathered bust, firm fit.

( Bought: RM55 )
Selling: RM30

Santa Cruz
the korean summer collection


Size: Free Size
True color: Black with red/pink rose details.
Details: A unique halter detail dress, inner satin lining, outer layer of flowy chiffon, elastic waist for best fit.

( Bought: RM55 )
Selling: RM40

a luxurious kind of sexy


Size: Free Size
True color: Pink-taupe.
Details: A satin flair to add a serious dash of class and sexy to the original casual playsuit. Ruffled chest detailing and a hip sash for wonderful fitting. Extremely comfortable.

( Bought: RM55 )
Selling: RM40

That's all for this batch girlies!
- xoxo -

lips-s.jpg image by monsterstongue

To Order:
1) Mail your item.
- or -
2) SMS/Call 0168933709

Gentle Reminder:
*Prices do not include postage to anywhere outside Kuching, Msia.
*Kindly be respectfully decisive about your shopping choice, no back-outs.
*COD in Kuching only


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